Day 60

Asim Akhtar,

9:28 PM

The front + back thing didn't work, cost per purchase too high.

It's funny, ya know.

You could easily sell softwares for $299/mo that take you a few weeks to code

Then make several millions as you scale it.

Make a customer service app to handle your customer service, and there you go.

Software's easy to scale.

E-commerce isn't.

Logistics is hard with e-commerce.

Logistics is also the key to e-commerce.

There's nothing hard with building software, apart from the time it takes to build it.

Once I've built this, it'll be quicker to build more.

The only thing you need is marketing, and I've got that sorted.

So really, really, all of this dilly dallying around has just wasted a lot of time.




Which is


Gonna block all social media now.

Look, I know social media reflects the user. Your experience is determined by what you want to see.

But at this moment in time, I've just gotta do the work.

All the insights will still be on there. I might miss a few things here and there, but oh fucking well.

I'd rather miss a few things & have a fully functional app/software and THEN have free time rather than messing around.

Discipline = freedom.

More discipline, more freedom.

Thing is, I often disable the blocker.

I do this when programming gets hard.

But this stops me from getting into a flow state, as I NEED things to get hard to sort them out.

Anyway, anyway, nothing's even hard anymore with programming. I literally just figure it all out.

So why the fuck am I even trying to start/dabble with e-commerce stores when there's a goldmine right in front of me?

I know the math. SAAS > E-com.

I know how much time it'll take. LESS than if I were procrastinating.

I know that once I make it and market it, I'll be able to make more quicker + be financially free quicker.

So what is it?

I'm not hungry enough.

I'm not disciplined enough.

I'm not doing the things I know I should be doing.

60 days man.

60 days.

You could've done it by now.

Let's see.

DREAM OUTCOME: Multiple $1m+ SAAS companies created this year.

PROBABILITY OF DREAM OUTCOME: Incredibly high, all I need to do is create grand-slam offers & re-read $100M offers multiple times.

EFFORT/SACRIFICE: Programming (I genuinely have nothing better to do), right? What could possibly be better than programming SAAS as quickly as humanly possible... AND taking that knowledge to build future SAAS companies!!

TIME DELAY: 2 MONTHS first SAAS, full Shopify integrations + live chat functionality 100% tested etc. From there, next SAAS ad tracking software. After that, probably split testing software. After that, we'll see what other hungry markets there are (look at Inc 5000 companies Will Cannon, see what problems they're solving, then reverse-engineer to make softwares that offer that better -- check one of the first emails from Cold Email Wizard).

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