Day 5

Asim Akhtar,

19:59 PM

Headed down a slippery slope today.

You could say that I lost a battle - gave in to my impulses.

I have many thoughts, but I sometimes listen to the stupid ones.

I don't know.

Right now I could play games for another hour and technically I could get away with it, but - given reality -

It'll probably lead to a downward spiral.

Already so far today:

44 mins playing games 24 mins on YouTube 8 mins Reddit 7 mins Twitter 5 mins Facebook (mainly ads managing related)

I think I can do some more programming for half an hour ish.

Figured out how to display mail, now I've gotta actually build it out and display the messages and inbox and subject etc so it functions like a proper email client.

All in all, medium day.

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