Day 41

Asim Akhtar,

18:27 PM

Did programming - was sorting out the close message function thing + making buttons nicer

Fixed some mini-bugs

Send, send & close, close buttons fully functional now + "message sent" etc notifications showing on screen.

Going to make a bulk close feature tomorrow, display spam/trash/previously closed tickets options.

Then gotta add display previous emails from customer when click on their name

I'm not able to make the thing automatically go to next message on "Send & Close" (reducing click by 1), because of the order of operations.

I could do it so if the customer service agent refunds on Shopify THEN replies & clicks "Send & Close & Next", then it takes them to the next message automatically...

But given the extra decision fatigue required by customer service agent by having multiple buttons, I'm not sure that this would be a good idea.

In total, the amount of clicks needed to respond to a "full refund" request would be:

1) Click on email (then read email)

2) Press full refund button

3) Confirm full refund -- Refund reply auto-populates itself based on store settings ("no returns needed" etc)

4) Press "Send & Close"

I don't have the refund buttons setup yet, but that's how it'd work in theory.

4 clicks, can be done in less than 10 seconds with 0 scrolling needed.

I COULD make it 2 clicks by

0) automatically displaying email then

1) Full Refund auto-populate response (no confirmation prompt)

2) Customer service agent double checks message, presses send & close

0) Automatically display next message

But the thing is - sometimes customer service agents reply first and then take the action needed...

So I might create that send/close/next button as it'll make things SO MUCH faster,

As they won't need to click on the next email

+ also by removing confirmation prompt and having "Full Refund No Confirmation" e.g. buttons, then it'll reduce another click.


I'll figure other stuff out first then try to see if I can implement that.

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