Day 4

Asim Akhtar,

21:14 PM

I've only just now put my blue light glasses on, so I'm not sure if today counts.

Woke up at roughly the same time today, so we'll have to give this test a while longer to see what blue light glasses (block blue light) and the medical tape do (stop mouth breathing).

Managed to fix the button so it properly integrates with gmail.

It doesn't have a proper flow/not the finished product and the button doesn't have the google logo etc but it's good enough for now.

Need to do outlook and imap/smtp but that's for a later date.

Now that the button's done, I've gotta figure out how to display messages and what I'm going to store (if anything).

I'm not sure how I'd integrate live chat so it's an all-in-one displaying thing - I can figure that out, shouldn't be too hard - just gotta display the messages in the same format and order by date/time.

Idk how live chats work but first things first gonna display the mailbox, allow to read and send (reply), attach images.

Then will probably have to assign teams/users/tag by who sent the message - shouldn't be hard since it's a fairly popular SAAS feature to have teams/other users integrated into your account.

Spent 7m30 on Facebook, managing ads and scrolling through ads/group posts.

Spent 7 mins ish on Twitter.

Spent 4 mins on YouTube - forgot why I was on it, might've been programming related.

Spent 11 mins on setting up profile, reading a programming article related to this project and posting there.

Spent 17 mins editing CSS on this website (

Was at a wedding thing for the rest of the day, should be able to get more done tomorrow.

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