Day 392

Asim Akhtar,

current_atonce_customers = 0 current_atonce_revenue = 0

20:21 PM

Pretty sure I lost that customer due to long setup

So the previous shopify setup was 25 steps

He said it was too long

Now it's 12 steps

Can get that down to 3 steps

1. add script [go to link, copy/paste code]

[forgot this]

3. install app [press button]

but problem as previously discussed is shopify wanna take 15% revenue cut of everything I make

If that is the case then I wont do it

But I'm gonna see if I can get app reviewed etc just to try in offchance that it might work

21:42 PM

Will do that tomorrow

was doing order confirmation email for ecom store just past 20mins

completely unnecessary but thought why not

also duplicated ad sets

excluding warm audience

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