Day 391

Asim Akhtar,

current_atonce_customers = 0.5 current_atonce_revenue = 0

14:30 PM

Did some manual outreach on reddit today

May have landed a customer

Will have to give them very good onboarding + make sure they're good

Facebook page also enabled again

So will set that up now real quick

15:19 PM

Alright ads are now on for e-com store

Gonna setup rest of cold emails

17:18 PM

And now Facebook business verification is off

Which means no one can use our Facebook integration

Fun times

ik ik first world problems

17:40 PM

Alright so I've submitted business A for business verification and business B for tech provider verification

So whichever one happens first wins

21:58 PM

Trailing to do:

- Make landing page better

Day after:

SEO Woocommerce setup??

Started getting feedback from random people on reddit

Even the questions they ask are interesting

They're generally the people who are least likely to buy stuff

So their questions very important. Adding all answers etc to landing page

Will be redesigning landing page tomorrow, adding videos, explaining the entire product, and so forth

Apparently there are some hidden issues on Shopify checkout. Can't verify but entirely possible



Landing page help center make live chat better make dashboard better

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