Day 389

Asim Akhtar,

current_atonce_customers = 0 current_atonce_revenue = 0

10:52 AM

Alright so I've figured it out

Re-upping e-com store

Ads spending $200/day ish

Risky but gotta train fb pixel

So it's risky

If it works should bring in money

Might be $200-300/day

Not much but is enough to cashflow...


I believe we have like 300k shopify stores we can send to

this means 300,000 emails we can send

Now the % of conversions will vary

But MAYBE we can get 1000 customers this way

So let's say on average each store pays us 100/mo

That means 100k/mo

How much does it cost to send 300k emails


30 * 100

$6000 for the leads + maybe an extra $300-500 to send the emails


All we need is enough incoming cashflow to offset the $6000


If we have 60 customers

It offsets it

But payback time and churn is another factor

So let's say 100 customers

how many emails for 100 customers


that's $300

Shit we can do this

going to buy enough emails so I can send 2000 emails per day

will first finish google ads

then we make emails

emails will take 14 days to warmup ISH

14:03 PM

Lol all ads turned off by facebook

both facebook pages restricted

Will wait 3-4 days

If still nothing will close down store

15:10 PM

Oh what the f

they were reviewing my old ads for rowing machines

Right and I said 'lose X lbs'

and that flagged it

BUT the thing is my rowing machine store isnt even active


So they've flagged me for ads that should've been turned off

the campaigns are off

but ff

I've removed that now

So hopefully no issue?

Gotta get the page released from review thing though

if it's not accepted after review, we're fukt

18:44 PM

If I made my thing 30% better

I'd have 0 competition


I need customers

Doesn't matter world best product if no one buys

20:26 PM

Honestly my competitors are trash

they might think they're not, but they are

some keywords I'm bidding for are kinda risky

So will have to cut aggressively

22:18 PM

Bing ads google ads setup done

Will setup 40+ emails tomorrow

then can send 2000 emails per day after 2 weeks of warming up

Then in the interim period I'll do landing page + improve product

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