Day 387

Asim Akhtar,

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09:23 AM

Alright so

Highest leverage move is creating twitter content at scale

Have a method to do that which involves AI

Also another method which involves programming

Both infinitely scalable


Organic marketing 24/7 on all social media platforms

Just need to do some programming to set it all up

And then I'll do rest of google ads keywords etc

And then I'll re-design landing page

Theory is that

Landing page conversion rate doesn't matter if we have no visitors

Facebook ads for e-com store are live. $0 spend so far, but will wait and see how that goes

Possibly for brandability I could remove the discounting and raise the price? We shall see

22:53 PM


dropped discount from $40 off to $30 off

Thought that it simply wasn't gonna work

spent $40 no sale

so I turned the ads off

Lo and behold, I got a sale

So I think it's just an issue of my pixel not being trained yet

So I'm gonna let them run for a week and see how it goes

Worst case scenario I lose $500, it'll turn out to be a product/margin issue and not a learning phase issue

Best case scenario we gain $50k

Ah yes and I have the twitter method thing

I have the APIs setup n stuff

I just need to figure out whether I can rinse/repeat and post on tiktok/instagram/linkedin

And also whether I can make these programatically into different videos and such for each platform

Tiktok would be great for this

If it works on tiktok, could also post on youtube too

Then we have infinite machine

Goal is to have it all be programatically done, no button pressing

24/7 is ideal

Then all I have to do is stay within platforms limits

And there you go

There won't be an issue of consistency if it's 24/7

And there won't be an issue of price if I keep my costs as low as possible with this

Which I kind-of have done

the model needs finer training though

Only got like 190 data points

I could add 300

I will add 300 tomorrow

Then 500 data points

Which means it'll learn better

Will see if I can get ~500 data points

then I'll make a model that learns from itself? possibly

Bing ads google ads not getting many impressions

Will add rest of keywords once I've setup this organic machine

Theoretically organic >>>>> paid ads


Organic model Add rest of keywords Landing page Improve product

at current prices

assuming the APIs stay free for twitter etc etc

only cost is the AI

Currently $0.0024/13 messages

Let's just say 0.00024 per message

1 million pieces of content is $240

On all platforms if I do it right


The videos might be an additional cost

Likely negligible

Basically right

If I'm correct

This is going to be insane

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