Day 386

Asim Akhtar,

current_atonce_customers = 0 current_atonce_revenue = 0

09:24 AM

Highest leverage move right now is to make e-com store up again, get money from that, fund it into this

Gonna do the rest of google ads keywords first though. setup once, and its done

Salesforce valuation is 150 billion as of today

or stock x price

whatever you call that

Which means in 3-5 years

AtOnce could have 500 billion valuation

We could be doing 10 billion/year easy

But first we need 10k customers

Or enough customers such that word of mouth is waaaay larger than churn rate

E.g. if churn rate is 10%

Then we need word of mouth rate of 30% or 50%

So every 1 customer recommends 0.5 people

Or 1 in every 10 customer recommends 5 people


That's for later

For now gonna make e-com store again

21:26 PM

Alright scheduled ecom ads 3 x $30

Before was running with cost caps, i.e. limiting my bids so

My margins were $25 or whatever

So previously I had cost caps of $20

so $5 profit per order


My margins are $35

First in order to collect data, I'm not using cost caps

After data is collected I'll use cost caps at around ~$20

So I can make $15 per order

If this works then will funnel 10% of money into atonce, stack rest for backup

I have plenty of things to do, just about the order and sequence of them

E.g. I could improve my landing page by a lot, make it take them through every thing the app does

But there are just other things I need to do too


5x cold email outreach

Run facebook ads for atonce

Do cold outreach on other social channels, linkedin

test twitter linkedin ads


I need money

Then I can do anything with the marketing

Right now we have a 30-day-cash issue

I have 0 incoming cashflow

So running ads is risky


current total money in bank account is approximately 8500? ish

So I need more

Then as soon as it works

As soon as we get customers for AtOnce

As soon as AtOnce is actually making money

Then the game begins

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