Day 385

Asim Akhtar,

current_atonce_customers = 0 current_atonce_revenue = 0

Facebook ads not up

No replies to cold emails

No factor

Will send more cold emails

Will work on twitter method

11:05 AM

Updating website first

16:19 PM

Alright website has been upgraded

Found some google ads keywords, gonna test campaigns out n see what sticks

18:29 PM

Wasn't too happy yesterday

But now facebook ads running

still no customers

And I've found some pretty solid keywords imo

Will run those on google ads etc and see what works

20:03 PM

Turned off Facebook ads so they don't overspend

Will turn those on tomorrow

21:44 PM

Alright setup google ads n bing ads

Will make & turn on e-com store tomorrow

Then once e-com profits come in, I'll re-invest those into Facebook ads

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