Day 383

Asim Akhtar,

18:57 PM


Launch tomorrow

Almost everything setup now

20:47 PM

Uploading logs for last few months to site

Day counters were messed up

I messed them up twice or three times now

Who gives a shit tbh

As long as you can read it, it's fine

21:25 PM

And now my eyes hurt after uploading all that

100 ish logs

I should programatically do it

but 1 hour every 100 days is meh

Maybe when millionaire

gotta setup ads etc etc tomorrow, add social media posts to platforms

And go wild

I have other organic methods

Word of mouth methods

But right now just need push

Then at a certain point word of mouth will be greater than marketing

And at that point we move on and just make product insanely good

Of course once I've setup 90% marketing, I'll be making product good anyway

But you get point

After marketing setup all focus will be on product, but for now we do marketing

Not gonna be one of those 'build n hope' guys

I started out doing marketing

Then moved to building this

And now

I will go back to marketing, set it up

then 90/10 instead of 100/0

so 90% building 10% marketing

since marketing doesnt take too long posts are capped out per platform ... unless you do other methods

ads run by themselves

only thing that might be considered marketing but scales is doing SEO

Making cool tools to get leads in

But that's way too much of a long shot right now

I gotta get customers now now now

before I run out of money

Will also start a customers/net worth counter so you know

Will write it as text but then will edit website so it displays the counter nicely



current_atonce_customers = 0 current_atonce_revenue = 0

Now I go to sleep

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