Day 382

Asim Akhtar,

06:58 AM

Launch day

Almost finished website

Then will add tracking

Then will check final pre-launch to dos, make website work on all browsers

then will start running small ads, facebook, google ads

I know the path that lies behind me but I can't see the path that lies ahead of me

I have some clue, but I have no clue

I know that today is the beginning of a new beginning the dawn of a new day the time to rise and fight and conquer and protect and lead and play the game like no one's played it before

For I have a single chance A single, tiny, chance

To not vanish To exist To be alive

Even if it's just for one second A blink in the Universe

I must do all that I can to ensure my works exist, and survive

You might not understand this You shall all see

By the will of God I will be here tomorrow Next year Next decade

And maybe that's long enough Maybe I've figured it out

Maybe I know precisely, exactly, how to do every single thing you know you could do if you put your mind to Maybe I simply believe that I can Maybe I know I can

Maybe you could be more than you are Maybe you've been lying to yourself this whole time Maybe you know it

Maybe you've been told that before And you knew it

You knew who you could be You tried to be it And then you gave up At the first hurdle

You did the same thing for someone else You worked for them You ran on the hamster wheel Running, running And staying in the same place

Maybe you know who you are Maybe you know who you could be Maybe you're just not good enough

But maybe, maybe you could be

Not today Not tomorrow Not next week, next month, or next year

Maybe in a decade

Or maybe sooner

Maybe you can compress the timeline Learn from people before you

Learn from the people who are coming after you Learn from the best of us Learn from the worst of us

Don't seek to be entertained, seek to understand Seek to build Seek to do things that aren't believed to be possible

But here's the catch First

You have to believe they are

And then you have to go at them with everything you have And even then, it might not still be enough

So you have the chance to pivot (like I did with e-commerce)

I sacrificed the short-term, immediate gain And what will be in store for me for the next few years

I think I know You know, because you have this log You can skip years of my life in seconds Days in minutes Years in hours

So you, the fool You, the future leader You, the unknown

They don't know who you are They don't know who you could be And neither do you


Tomorrow is a new day Do not start then

Today is the only day you have Now is the only moment you have

It is time for you to become something more If you've been waiting, hoping for a greater opportunity, know this:

There won't be one

And if there is, why wait?

You don't want to learn how to fight when you have to go to war

And this is a war, right now

You can't see it I can see it

The world will crumble with the decisions of one man We will stumble, and fall head first into a rock

If I don't protect us all We'll all be dead

But today Now

I have to get momentum I have to do the thing that I've been saying for a year and a few months

I'll see you on the other side

17:35 PM

I made my live chat better so now basically we have 0 competition

There's stuff other companies do that we don't, but most of them are useless features

I have a few more things to do but will do them after launch

21:15 PM

Still doing setup

will launch tomorrow 1000000%

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