Day 38

Asim Akhtar,

19:09 PM

Did some stuff at other house. Did some programming too.

Images working, reply stuff not working fully yet - I still have to let it support rich text etc

Also might add a CC feature thing later, buuuut anyway gotta get most important stuff first then do shopify integration then fix it all up.

Cost caps working very well when paired with new creatives.

>> To scale cost caps, all you need to do is use more creatives. Who would've guessed, hey.

Started reading Alex Hormozi's $100M offers book, some really good shit in there that I'm gonna look back at when creating SAAS.

In fact it's so ridiculous how good that book is in terms of actual ACTIONABLE advice.


To the one person out there reading this who's looking to start their own business/scale their existing business, READ THE BOOK.

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