Day 374

Asim Akhtar,

19:44 PM

Setting up guide

made stuff simpler so it works for all teams basically

dont even need stripe/paypal/ai stuff yet

changed '24/7 self-service by...' and 'easy returns by'... to 'powered by'

will have to A/B test that later, but not right now

will be A/B testing a lot of things + tracking metrics etc

I don't want to place a super-intrusive thing there, otherwise it'll annoy existing users

Right now it's in the middle with 'Powered by'

Not too overt and not too covert

It'll do for now

There are better ways

But anyway

1) Guide (1-2 days)

2) Website (1/2 day)

3) Random fixing issues (1/2 day)

4) launch

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