Day 370

Asim Akhtar,

[NOTE: I wrote this thinking it was day 365, so...]

18:06 PM

This is supposed to be a special day

Maybe you'll look back on this when searching "I wonder where Asim was at at year 1"

The answer:

Still not launched AtOnce, the first company


So today I've finished the order templates

There's a slight issue if you go past ~1000 'quick links' etc

I've made it future proof so if I need to fix it in the future I can without restructuring the database entirely, but for now I haven't fixed it since it's HIGHLY unlikely people have 1000+ help articles

Big software companies might have a lot of help articles, but I sincerely doubt they'll have more than 500 FOR NOW

If they do have more, then I can fix it as and when necessary

You can delete the stuff

But if you have nested articles, e.g. FAQ >> Product 1 >> Sizing >> Small >> Article 1, then there's an issue

Because we have a 1MB limit on the 'quick links' set by our database thing

Normally our solution is to create more documents so we can spread it out

But since we have nested articles right


If each 'main' category, e.g. FAQ is fine


you know what no one gives a shit

I'll fix it later if necessary

Got to figure out billing or something now

18:38 PM

The reason I took so long was quite simple:

My 1st iteration had to be as good, if not - better - than their 100th iteration

And I believe it is

So now

What does my 10th iteration look like?

I have a rough sketch in my mind

But first we setup + launch

21:21 PM

Lol 10% of stripe payouts will be reserved

Lucky for me I have 97% margins

Only issue will be if they close the account. Thus I must make money in time to prevent disputes etc.

21:56 PM

Still setting up stripe

Will have to do that tomorrow along with other stuffz

See you then


if I

I've gotta stop saying that

Might create some weird nocebo effect

I'm grateful for everything that I have

And I hope to live as long as I can

I am grateful for each day

I would like to live as long as possible

If I die, that would be unfortunate

But every human in history (that I know of) has died

So it's likely that I'll also die

There are medical advances

Look yeah

One step at a time

For now, I'll stop thinking about death

Assume that all 'future forecasting' and so forth is done with the assumption that I could die, and that God can give/take as God pleases.

First things first, I need to get money. Then we'll fix up our nutrition etc etc... and then do some lifestyle/health improvements/slight delay aging supplements

Then we can assist medical advancements in that and other areas since very few as far as I know are doing anything about it...

Among other things

One step at a time

So We focus on building, life, and the extension of life -- in that order

Catch ya later

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