Day 37

Asim Akhtar,

19:10 PM

Ya know, if all of my current Shopify customers were on the same $ subscription, I'd have 8 figures.

Hence gotta focus 100% on SAAS.

Nevertheless I duplicated a ton of ad sets + new images/ads scheduled for tomorrow, 16 cost cap + 17 cost cap, $1000/day, $500/day each ad set

Still doing programming email automation saas figuring that out.

Once I've figured out Gmail I'll have to Shopify integration then do Outlook integration then IMAP/SMTP integration.

Then integration with Facebook + twitter + instagram etc so all 1 congruent email message all-in-one platform.

I essentially never want the user to tab to another website so it's the most efficient process possible.

Everything all in one place.

Once everything IS all in one place, might do live chat next.

Then again I might just launch it as an email etc etc only thing for now w/o live chat depending on how hard that is to do.

Though live chat does make for quicker support so it is technically more efficient

But then after that to make it 100% efficient you'd have to use AI and I'd rather build multiple non-AI SAAS companies for now, then later expand if/when necessary.

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