Day 369

Asim Akhtar,

08:47 AM

We're still alive somehow

Facebook 'Human Agent' permission expired

Not sure how since I sent a couple of messages

ah wait no

I needed to send them outside the 24 hour window

Messed that up

Anyway will re-submit that, hopefully it gets approved

Will be finishing off templates, adding 'attach files' today

the attach files was bugging me as it's not technically a necessary feature but the main reason people use live chat... they'll likely need to attach files

I have this recurring thought

I might not wake up tomorrow

Or even live for the rest of today

This means speed is a priority

If I don't go quick enough, we don't achieve our goals and help enough people

Which means I vanish like a speck of dust

But if we do go quick enough

I might be able to do something worthwhile

I must close the distance between who I am and who I could be

Must bridge, jump, fail, pivot quicker

9:49 AM

Yes we got approved for human agent

Very fast

Probably cause of the timezone, not many app reviews in USA right now since they're all asleep

17:03 PM

Message attachments now work back and forth

Which means that any one that needs it for e.g. invoices, images... and so forth can use it

Which means we can scale this higher

Not QUITE yet

But functionality is there

21:27 PM

So template thing is almost finished with the back-end stuff

Just need to handle every condition first

That'll take an hour or so to do

I'll be back tomorrow, gonna sleep now

tomorrow will do template finishing, then add billing then team adding emails then then guide

from log 08182022 just for quick reference:

billing [unknown time duration], est 1/2 day team adding emails, est 1/2 day ---- setup, verification emails, est 1/2 day ---- guide, est 1/2 day website, est 1 day [mainly landing page] testing -- making sure it works on internet explorer etc etc [1/2 day] very minor SEO stuff (20mins) ads (few hours, google ads, facebook ads to start off, emails... so forth)

see you tomorrow hopefully inshallah

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