Day 368

Asim Akhtar,

22:00 PM

It would be nice to launch this on/before day 365,

but that's unlikely to happen

I've made the UI of the templates

But still need to setup the buttons so they can actually edit/add/save to database

You'd think it's simple but I wanted to allow it to work for all use cases

So instead of ignoring it/doing it myself, had to make it work at least half-decently

Theoretically right we'd do it another way

Remove elements and so forth

Decrease complexity

Ya de ya

But this will do, for now

I'll likely be manually doing the onboarding anyway for the first few hundred - thousand?? people

then once word of mouth/viral effect kicks in I'll leave it be and focus more on getting it to work smoothly for everyone with minimal effort and so forth

yeah it's good enough

my competitors basically have the same thing more or less

and I have a decent chunk of features that I'm gonna do after launch

like quite a few

anyway sleep time be back tomorrow inshallah

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