Day 365

Asim Akhtar,

8:57 AM

Just looked at a few hyper growth saas companies

All customer service/CRMs

Maybe I jumped into the right industry in precisely the right niche at exactly the right time

Luck or skill? idk

approaching the day where I get to put all this theory into practice

soon soon soon

will be very entertaining

then I can tell all you guys that you're aiming too low, and maybe you'll listen

seeing many folks talk about 'monetizing their twitter audience'

like the fuck

my products will MAKE YOU MONEY where's the monetization?

I'm literally giving you $$$$$$ in your pocket for installing a software

why not tell as many people as possible?

11:51 AM

Alright the order editing in different currencies is fixed

Now international scaling will be easier for all Shopify stores

Only other barrier to international scaling is language

I'll add a language selector in a month as per my 'to-dos' that I have

But that feature is not necessary for launch

So now we move on to addressing mini self-service bugs

21:50 PM

Alright so most self-service stuff is done

Just need to send emails when replying to live chat so if they click off it still is fine

It's not 'smooth' and 'real' yet with read receipts, message sending indicators and so forth... but it'll do for now

will do sending email and template editing tomorrow

ehh day 360

so today is thursday

have a wedding to go to tomorrow at 5-6


friday 361 sat 362 sun 363 mon 364 tue 365

what I have left for the initial launch:

billing [unknown time duration], est 1/2 day team adding emails, est 1/2 day guide, est 1/2 day website, est 1 day [mainly landing page] testing -- making sure it works on internet explorer etc etc [1/2 day] very minor SEO stuff (20mins) ads (few hours, google ads, facebook ads to start off, emails... so forth)

we still have MANY more ways to advertise and improve the product

once the product is better and broader and all my to-dos are gone, (and works with woocommerce), we're gonna scale this to the moon



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