Day 364

Asim Akhtar,

22:01 PM


Cancel + edit done


There's an edge case where Shopify doesn't allow you to edit orders in a different currency. The solution...

Is to make a workaround

Duplicate the order

Refund restock

Something something

But I'll have to do that tomorrow

I could ignore it

But ~20% of customers international

International --> scaling

E.g. if you're selling in GBP and lots of customers from USA, you can't edit those orders

Same vice versa

Not even a language barrier, just some dumb currency conversion barrier

Facebook does the same thing with ad accounts

They don't let you edit ad account details or something if you're using the same currency

Which makes sense ish due to historic currency conversion

but they don't even need that

they could just have past info in previous currency and new info in new currency

or simply let you download past info + ignore previous info

But anyway

We've created work for ourself by identifying a problem

Now we have to solve it

Yes I know day 359

6 days away from day 365

Can we make it in time

Hahahhahahahahhahaha idk

we'll see

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