Day 360

Asim Akhtar,

8:57 AM

Will be turning 'branding links' into positives

Instead of 'Powered by AtOnce' (possible negative), it's

24/7 Self-Service AtOnce

Dual effect of branding + bonus

therefore no one wants to remove the branded link

viral loop goes brrr

almost there btw


still doing order management thing

22:00 PM

Still doing order management...

Just displaying the stuff right now

Was doing some other minor stuff today, some performance improvements etc

So all I need is

a help thing a track thing edit cancel

and we add the pre-existing buttons we've got

and then let them edit the templates

and then tracking order scripts, will take me 30mins

then billing team adding emails guide website testing [very quick] ads

Future iterations will have to wait until after launch

all other to dos and improvements will wait I have many to dos but they will have to wait sorry not sorry

day 355

must launch before 365

I'm tapering off dev mode

And will enter marketing mode

then duality

then dev

finish to dos

then marketing mode

then product improvements

getting the last %s

90%+ automation


squeeze out the other 10%

100% automation incoming??

11:02 PM

I have decided. The day after I get my own house, I shall begin doing video logs instead of text logs

Video logs can be converted to text

And also to pure audio

Video words per minute is approximately same as my current typing per minute

Right now video is currently the best medium to distribute information

I can also convert it into other formats etc

Video will likely be good enough quality too

It's easy to doubt words on a page

But videos can be shared, clipped, distributed over and over

The text and video and sound can be saved

So if I have anything useful to share at all, it can be preserved

Maybe it's just the story

The man who became...

Idk yet

We'll see

How long do I live?

Did I do enough?

Imma sleep now

No time for the long rant

But it has been decided

Same time consumed

No editing

No altering

No going back on anything

Just pure 100% video raw real

When does it start?

Well idk

6 months?

Should have a couple millon by then

Current net worth: 8000 GBP ish

Not much

About 1/4 of yearly GDP in UK

But it's enough to start with

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