Day 358

Asim Akhtar,

12:06 AM

I sense death is near

For who I am not sure

21:47 PM

Live chat works

But I still need to add tracking

and make the order edit/cancel/refund etc work

So I'll do the order management tomorrow

then I'll make tracking work

There's some other stuff I could do like let users upload files/attachments and also let them upload shopify products

i.e. link the shopify products easily

But I'll do that later

After order management and tracking done

I gotta let users edit templates

Then once users are tracked there's less need to collect information, so save time etc

And that's that for today

so tomorrow, as I've said for the 3rd time

order management

and tracking

live chat is very useful

If I make it properly along with the dashboard, I can get some very solid word-of-mouth stuff here

'add live chat to your site'


they dont even need to be using shopify for that

just ez pz viral loops

might have to make separate landing page for that

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