Day 356

Asim Akhtar,

9:33 AM

Might as well play the biggest game you can

99.99999% of people are playing Earth games.

You're competing against a bunch of hard-wired social animals with low IQs

Not only do they have

a genetic disadvantage, environmental disadvantage, and social disadvantage

But 99% of people aren't even playing the game.

Are you really competing with the 1%?

That's 80 million people

How about 0.1%? That's 8 million people

- You already speak English

0.1% = easy

Alright, now you have the 0.01%

520,000 people have at least $19 million

Big deal, can't do much

Cars, planes, yachts, blah blah

How about billionaires?

There are 2,755 of those

2755 people within 7.9 billion have:

- Played a game on long timeframes

But see

Who cares if you're a billionaire?

You? Millions of other people?

Is that it?

1. Why are you wealthy?

Selling stuff that other people sell? Good for you.

You know how to sell, what to sell, and where to sell.

2. What will make you wealthier?

Providing more value

But it isn't that hard to become a billionaire.

So what's the bigger game?

You're already playing it

Why stop at millions Or billions

How about trillions?

No that's still pathetic

Money is currently an Earth measuring stick.

If you stretch out the timeline, you can see for yourself.

But seeing the future is hard, since you have to factor in:

But, at a basic level, if we're still alive, and we don't get annihilated by external forces:

- We go interplanetary

Why? So we survive.

Now, if we really wanted to see the future,

- We'd create a simulation

But that requires... greater computing power... among other things

What can you do about this?

1. Play a bigger game 2. Become a billionaire 3. Use your resources wisely

But who are we kidding

You'd rather watch people like me do all the work while you chill with a few million

Anyway, back to work

19:15 PM

I made an action log yesterday but it's disappeared

Am I not saving them or something?


Live chat self service basic template part is done

You still can't edit orders etc, will do that after the live chat itself works

Gonna make the live chat itself work tomorrow

Both on user end + dashboard end

Then do the edit/cancel/track orders

Then allow users to edit their own templates etc

Then that's that for live chat stuff for now...

Will take 2 days?

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