Day 350

Asim Akhtar,

17:18 PM

1st SAAS will increase revenue by 20% minimum, instant.

1st Niche: Shopify, 1.5m stores Est market capture: 10%

2nd Niche: WooCommerce, 3.8m stores Est market capture: 10%

3rd Niche: Rest of World, 200m+ companies Est market capture: 10%

Avg small biz revenue is 50k/yr 100x ROI given to customer

20 million biz * 50,000 * 20% * 1% = 2 billion per year

Conservative estimate

Still not enough

Must make them more money + deliver higher revenues

30% market capture

60 million biz * 50,000 * 20% * 1% = 6 billion per year

30% market capture, 50% revenue increase

60 million biz * 50,000 * 50% * 1% = 15 billion per year

Enough? No

18:40 PM

Facebook ads read permissions expired due to not using them for 90 days

will have to app review n get em sorted

22:11 PM

Alright so both dashboards are complete and are 100% working, search menu working, all the stuff working

1 css issue on production with emojis, will fix that tomorrow

Also the inside of the dashboards are messed up on mobile

So will do entire mobile view tomorrow

Then will do live chat directly after that

after live chat is setup -- just a bare bones minimum nothing too complex

I just need to get it so that all the data is sent that needs to be sent

So they have all the scripts on their website

I may use the shopify graphql ScriptTag thing that's pretty useful

doesn't let you call the function itself with variables though, so they'll have to add the code to their website either way

only takes like 2mins and 0 extra mental bandwidth

I'll do the script tag with graphql later, will just let them copy/paste it for now

So, tomorrow, mobile view

AFTER that's finished - either tomorrow (likely), I'll start on live chat

Barebones, so

Sending messages back and forth

Making it look nice on all devices

Adding the necessary data

Tracking customers orders

Adding buttons for basic stuff - 'track order', edit order, cancel, duplicate

And of course, the return

Then (more complex, but still simple) -- allowing users to setup bot flows

E.g. product questions, collection questions, size questions

Having this setup BEFORE I launch means that customers don't need to find their order number

They can just go straight to returns portal without messaging/looking through emails

Since most people use the same device anyway

Or 1-3 devices

about 50% by the looks of it

Gift Returns will be a future feature I'll add

But I'm off for today

Catch you tomorrow If I wake up

Ah such is life hope I get everything I need to do done

Would be amazing if I did For everyone, not just me

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