Day 347

Asim Akhtar,

15:21 PM

Think I'm playing a bigger game than everyone else

Seeing lots of fallacies

Even millionaires have the same thought loops

Guess this is why there's only one Elon Musk right now.

20:28 PM


We have an impending problem

We don't have to solve it now

But, biological aging hasn't been solved yet.

I've got maybe 60 years to solve it

Each day we take for granted

Each night we might not wake up

I must do more in less time, somehow

Because I might not have as much time as I think.

If you're reading this though, chances are we did have enough time

We shall see

We must also avoid the placebo effect here

We might end up living very long

The will of God decides

What year will you be reading this in?

How important is my life story?

I don't know

I hope I become one of the most important people on the planet galaxy? universe?

big stretch

compounding gains > genetics??

Maybe other players have a greater advantage

But if I compound enough, then I should be able to help the most beings

I don't know how big this game gets

But let's keep going and see how far we can go

22:17 PM

Dashboard is halfway done

Will finish off tomorrow

Not complicated at all, just doing UI tweaks here and there, making it look nice

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