Day 346

Asim Akhtar,

20:37 PM

I wrote a log entry

But I must've deleted it

Something something something here's an example of shit customer service [live chat]

I'm building better stuff

Oh and yeah

I might have to double my prices

Let's say a store does 1 million revenue per year

AOV is $100

this means they do probably 300k profit per year

my software cost will be

1 million / 100 * 0.09

which is $900 total

which is less than $100 per month

for a store that's making 25000 per month I'm charging 100 per month

And the ROI I'm providing is approx 200k additional revenue

I'm charging $900

you see slight discrepancy here

I'll have to recalculate later, gotta build

21:23 PM

Alright so I've made the tables look nicer on mobile

the actual dashboard itself doesn't work on mobile

I'll build the self-service dashboard for mobile and desktop tomorrow, was sorting out some other stuff today

22:09 PM

Alright I'm done

tables work fine on mobile

Now return dashboard time tomorrow

yeah ik I've been saying that for 2 days

But was busy fixing up other stuff, testing, etc

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