Day 345

Asim Akhtar,

12:49 AM

The question is, for our 'requests' tab, i.e. self service...

Do we do infinite scroll and load on scroll bottom


Do we pre-load everything

lets see

gonna preload everything from last 90 days

even if its 1000 returns per day for example

1 million reads costs me $1


2000 * 1000 * 20 avg team size * 10x per day

would only cost me $400 per day for 40,000 users to READ the documents

writing documents is another story...

Anyway, those users would be paying 20 million per day

math might be off but margins very high

so, all gud

lets go for performance over cost


we can automate all of these refunds too

17:22 PM

Alright so we were automating all the refunds etc

Testing it now

(Which in turn, makes our 'Requests' dashboard useless, EXCEPT for problem returns)

If you have a problem return, i.e. customer sent a brick, then you can remove the refund and tell them to... go away.

So basically

We're aiming for 80%+ self-service

after launch we'll do AI stuff then get 99%

kinda need some money

taking the piss now, been a year

18:24 PM

Looks like vercel API is down so can't test it

Will have to test it tomorrow

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