Day 342

Asim Akhtar,

11:42 AM

Making the gift card image

Looks nice IMO

Could be better theoretically but not gonna iterate on it for now

14:47 PM

I just realized

My net worth is 8k ish

If I continue 'not launching' and keep building, I may be fucked

It depends on how quickly I can acquire customers and get them to pay

I know it's theoretically e.g.

1000 customers --> 1m/mo

but like

If I have no money to spend on ads then it's GG WP

Then I may have to start an e-com store OR use free'er/organic methods (cold email)

Either way still fine

But basically


19:04 PM

Need to test quite a bit

refunds + gift cards work but need to see if they work in all circumstances

getting few bugs

20:46 PM

The self doubt creeps in

and I

Will still keep going

fuck off I've been playing this game too long

What else am I going to do


Otherwise no point in me even

Like what's the point in me making 100k/yr

or 1m/yr

What the fuck am I going to do with that

We gotta go big

Then the game stops being about ourselves

21:11 PM

damnit I did it again

Spent 30 mins creating twitter threads

Shadowbanned anyway looks like it


21:36 PM

The plan:

0 to $1b/yr:

$1b to $1T/yr

Was going to make 50+ SAAS companies.

Instead, will expand this one first??

Or expand + build multiple at same time

Not sure yet, will see

22:15 PM

Alright I'm calling it a day

gotta sleep

got a wedding tomorrow

So I'll have to work harder to make it up

Must simply raise my standards

Default must be aggressive 10 hours/day

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