Day 341

Asim Akhtar,

12:50 PM

Gathered a list of marketing threads we can use for twitter organic

Will need to get more later

Back to building

16:11 PM

Oh shit

I need to aim at like $50b/yr with the way inflation is going

I'm lacking

Alright so

$50 billion per year

GDP of world per year is currently 80 trillion


So 10% of that is 8 trillion

If I increase all companies revenue by 10% I make them 8 trillion

1/100 of that is 80 billion

Alright good

So I need to increase every single companies net worth by 10%

And charge approximately 0.1% of that


I increase 10% of companies net worth by 10% (800 billion) and then charge 5% of that, which gets me 40 billion per year

Both doable

Let's get to work

17:31 PM

I'm too slow

Waste too much time

I need to be more disciplined

22:08 PM

So I collected even more twitter threads

will be posting 3 per day in the morning on company account then thats it no look

or should I even not

I might leave it until I'm ready to launch

Yep I'm leaving it until I'm ready to launch

Not gonna waste time

Will make money run ads then do organic

otherwise ratio time wasted too high

22:20 PM

Figured out how to do the discount thing and refund direct thing

Will be finishing that tomorrow

Lot of time wasted today. Wont happen again.

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