Day 340

Asim Akhtar,

16:14 PM

Done email notifications

Now gonna fix some html sanitization issue

Then add some automation built-in

Then make return dashboard

20:30 PM

Oh nice

Very nice

Shopify doesn't support gift cards unless you're on their Shopify Plus plan

Looks like we gotta make a workaround.

Fun times...

22:08 PM

If you're not a Shopify Plus store (99% of Shopify stores), you can't use the gift card API

Refunds -> decrease rev. Also decrease LTV

Will try to solve with discount workaround.

Weird how my app gotta evolve from helpdesk to full-stack automation that has same function as multiple apps

But first things first gotta do refunds n solve that real quick tomorrow

then will work on gift cards

and then... once we can actually do the refund/gift cards...

we make the return dashboard

then we proceed to making order edits duplicate cancel etc available

then rest

live chat combo



gotta speed

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