Day 337

Asim Akhtar,

11:31 AM

I just ate too much

now tired

must exercise

by the way

haven't been exercising for a month because trying to finish off the saas

getting skinnier

not fatter

idk my default mode is skinny even though I eat roughly same number of calories

maybe my body simply doesn't get fat

maybe I don't eat enough calories to put on the weight

maybe my diet is decent so it fixes itself up

either way will have to get back on the weights when 1st saas complete

then will be able to setup better home gym, leg press etc for efficiency

ideally i wanna be able to do work, then whenever i feel like it or whenever I have an interval, lift weights

that way no time wasted

14:48 PM

Sometimes I think, man

331 days

I am the current version of myself

And I have all the compounded gains of my previous self

If I were to rewrite all of this, it would be quicker, but it'd still take a while

Grateful to my past self for doing everything he did

17:21 PM

Still in process of updating main database code so it uses promises instead of multiple .then() statements

performance increase slightly

Not massively

But I can notice it

Just going to do this whole speed improvement and once it's done it's done

it's just that when webhooks come in, you want the message to appear in the dashboard as quickly as possible

it won't make much of a difference short-term but long-term might as well do it now

20:37 PM

Still doing the DB thing

80% of it is done just remaining

also I'm not eating as much, just noticed

Getting base 2500-3000 calories ish

hence not putting on fat

anyway back to it got 80 mins left

21:49 PM

Alright done with DB thing

Just gotta check a few things real quick make sure they work

22:11 PM

Done with DB thing glad I tested

found an issue. fixed issue

good, moving on

email notifs tomorrow

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