Day 336

Asim Akhtar,

9:50 AM

Affiliate programs are crazy if you have high margins

97% margins example:

Refer a friend, we give you $1000 credit. They get $1000 credit.

Cost to me: $60


Refer a friend, we give you $10,000 credit. They get $1000 credit.

Cost to me: $300

Short term hit. Acquisition cost paid off within a month.

Credit is non-withdrawable. Customer stays with you for life

Goal is to increase their revenue & LTV. Thus, they pay me more.

I win, they win, everyone wins.

16:29 PM

Added a step counter to the top 1/4 and also step counter for delivery in transit etc... because it should increase conversion rate 20% ish and customer satisfaction

the review screen thing is done done done now

gonna let them keep items under 10 and also refund labels if no movement

doing that real quick before i do email notifications

18:01 PM

"Even better if you force them to stretch the credit out. Lyft did this. 50$ signup credit, but can only redeem 4$ per ride"

21:07 PM

My database code uses so many .then() statements instead of awaiting them

async functions = quicker

you wait for multiple things to be done at once instead of running them in sequence

I'll have to check the speed difference. I think Firebase is pretty fast, but still this is stupid.

21:32 PM

Yes, significant difference

10 writes = 5 seconds ish

10 writes in parallel = 20 ms ish

gotta rewrite bunch of shit that's slow

21:56 PM

And now

I've done the refund labels if no movement

will do keep items under 10 tomorrow, will take like 20mins

then will rewrite database so it's more efficient


will do email notifs and return dashboard etc

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