Day 335

Asim Akhtar,

14:00 PM

Just figured out they're not even paying us anything technically for the software

If ROI is 30x or 50x they make money so we're technically paying them

E.g. we give them $50k pure cold hard profit, they pay us $1k

Are they really paying us?

Are they really?

Plus on the returns that don't exceed threshold they get a $/5 handling fee

let's assume 30% returns have handling fee

20% of orders are returns

30% of 20% is 6%

on 6% of orders they get $5

that's $0.3 per order they get in additional revenue

they pay us $0.09 per order

They make money

Damn we could charge 2x more based off handling fees alone and they'd still make $0.12 on handling fee



Should we?

No one would be able to compete with us on customer acquisition cost


no one has the same thing I'm doing since I'm a combo of all of them


the closest competitor is charging

40,000 orders = $600 per month, 500/mo ish on yearly plan

they also make the merchant a lot less than we will

so our ROI is greater too

Anyway so

costs dont make sense

they dont matter

you pay $500/mo to get $10k/mo

or you pay $1000/mo to get $20k/mo

who you gonna go for??


So, they charge 600/mo

for the same thing, at $0.09 per order, we charge $3600 per month

great, we charge 6x more

we can deal with 6x higher acquisition costs


If we double that, it's $7200 per month

They're getting 40,000 orders

at AOV of $50 even, they're making $2m/mo in revenue

30% margins let's say

they're making 600k/mo

can they afford to spend $7200 per month?

that's 1% of their revenue

In return, they get $300k approx back

or they can use this competitor which looks nice, has nice UI, but ultimately aint quite good enough

$300k i give u

you pay me $7.2k


19:13 PM

Damn still doing the last screen on the return self-service thing

Gotta handle every condition and display different text etc for each

if label if no label if store accepts returns if store doesnt accept returns if pickup booked if pickup not booked if pickup failed if label failed if no items if items if gift card chosen if refund chosen

and combinations of those

fun times

20:48 PM

Alright done that

Gotta add out of stock thing for variants if they're out of stock

Like 1 hour left before sleep

Then email notifs etc tomorrow

22:00 PM

Done swatches for out-of-stock

Email notifs tomorrow + return dashboard tomorrow

1 day behind schedule

can we make it up


gotta be quick

sleep now

also, for reference - for the future

for the people that might say don't grind too hard etc

I wake up at 8

Sleep at 10

I get 10 hours sleep

Perfectly fine

Anyway by the time you're actually reading this, I'll have solved most of your health problems


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