Day 334

Asim Akhtar,

16:04 PM

USPS offers free scheduled pickups Did not know this

Customers don't even need to drive down to return items

Gonna add htis

Fuck we're close to day 365

will not get there

must launch asap

22:14 PM

Done 1/3 of date picker

will finish that tomorrow and allow cancelling of pickup + re-scheduling etc, should be very very easy

after that

email notif returns dashboard dashboard mobile view live chat with edit/cancel/duplicate/edit address/track order email authentication stripe integration testing on IE + edge setup guides

-- launch

-- stuff after

(as per entry the day before), just slightly different order

So email notif should be done tomorrow return dashboard might be done tomorrow too

dashboard mobile view day after live chat day after

email auth + stripe integration + setup guides day after that testing on IE + edge somewhere

--- launch ---

4 days?

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