Day 329

Asim Akhtar,

8:12 AM

And it looks like we've been partially screwed by Facebook.

They say they need more info for the access verification form (which is required for my app to work)...

But there's no form for me to submit

Yet again,

More Facebook incompetence

I'll have to make a new business and a new app thing once my website etc is complete, then have to work around this

Facebook support won't be any help as they always do precisely nothing

9:46 AM

Yep, confirmed structural incompetence as per usual.

Will have to make a new business manager, app, etc and pray that goes through

If not,

I'll have to completely make Facebook redundant -- which I can do through the use of live chat.

But it would have been very nice to have the full stack integration, like... everyone else has.

14:53 PM

It's easy to complain about problems.

It's harder to solve them.

I must solve this problem by going around Facebook - new biz manager, app, etc (as I wrote above)

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