Day 328

Asim Akhtar,

8:32 AM

I see what they mean now by speed

Developers vs marketers

How am I on day 322? Negligence. [NOTE: After uploading, I realized this is actually day 327, and other consecutive logs pre-launch are written with the wrong days]

Not enough speed.

Focusing on the wrong things.

But to be fair, I was learning to program for 6+ months


It doesn't matter

I know what I must do

I now have more skills

I must move quickerrrr

11:21 AM

Holy shit reversing aging

We can do it

How many times, is the question

10? 100? 1000? 10,000?

12:46 PM

Imagine what we could do with 1000 years of compounding

15:24 PM

Coding wouldn't even be that hard if there weren't so many edge cases

But if I'd thought about it from the beginning, most of this stuff would be function-ized for the right formatting, preventing stuff

But we're almost done so doesn't matter

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