Day 322

Asim Akhtar,

14:23 PM

Going to be creating first store of my dropshipping/e-commerce empire

I know how to do it

No point wasting time helping other people do it (what I was doing before)

I'll just do it myself

If people can't figure out how themselves using the free available online resources, then that's their fault.

If you have access to the internet, it's not hard to google 2022 dropshipping shopify guide etc and reverse engineer your way from there

16:51 PM

Still doing the store

50% of the way there

So many variants and images I need to do

By the way hey

I was gonna partner with a friend 50/50 on this store that I'm creating now

He'd basically have the store and I do the website and everything


See the problem is that he has precisely 0 dropshipping/e-commerce experience

And I have 2-3 years


After I made the deal yesterday

I lost some sleep over it (1-2 hours)...

And then cut the deal.

There's a lesson to be learned in there

Don't make one-sided partnerships

Don't give away equity

One thing I refuse to do is give away massive equity

I'd literally just be handing people trillions

Gotta be careful. Gotta stay on-mission

Oh, and also

Why e-com switch to SAAS

I'm doing both

E-com store is for testing and scaling

E-commerce industry size is 5 trillion atm

I suspect it'll grow 10% YOY, so in 10-20 years should be near 10 trillion with all the money printing that'll be going on


GDP of USA is 20 trillion

So with my SAAS, if I get 1% of that GDP it's 200 billion

And with e-commerce, if I get 10% of the market, it's 1 trillion

Both are very good opportunities

Goal is to automate e-commerce using my SAAS


Because it's the same % ROI thing

I can either build SAAS for 10000 stores, charge 1% revenue == having 100 stores myself


Just become the conglomerate

But why not both hey

SAAS empire & e-com empire

Both hedge against each other

SAAS is very nice hedge, very stable

E-com gives cashflow for now which I don't even need, but allows me to develop better solutions since I'm solving my own problems instead of other peoples problems

One mistake I won't make is being detached from the problem/solution --> leads to making bad products

So this allows me to attach myself to the problem

Automate all problems

Then the SAAS is the solution

Sell the solution (SAAS) mass-market

Now everyone has the same problems solved

Win win win win win

17:01 PM

And I know how to do it now

You simply don't become attached to the product

You work based on margins and search volume, not the product itself

E.g. buy for $20, sell for $200

Far easier than the $30 -> $56 I was doing before

17:11 PM

I'm also concerned about Facebook's access verification etc

If they decide at any given point, my SAAS (which partially relies on Facebook integration etc) will go down

Then I need to hedge my bets while I get it sorted

Plus more money --> more speed --> get more shit done

Not sure how long I'm gonna be alive, might as well work as quickly as possible

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