Day 321

Asim Akhtar,

12:37 AM

I swear why is Facebook so annoying

Access verification dont work

business verification dont work

everything hidden by some imaginary wall

Some random employee declining me for unknown reasons

No error messages given, just 'more info'


1st access verification attempt for Facebook:

--------- My business is a SAAS platform that helps e-commerce stores manage their customer support.

Our business uses platform data so merchants can see comments, messages, story mentions, and so forth directly within our app, and respond to them inside our application.

This is done inside our helpdesk, which merchants have access to, and allows our customers (e-commerce stores) to manage multiple channels (facebook + email) in one place.

Everything is done in compliance with Facebook's policies.

2nd attempt:

(They requested more info...)

1. Add details about how your business will use Platform Data (i.e., any info or data you obtain from us) to enable a product or service on behalf of your clients. 2. Describe how your clients use your product or service.


  1. My business AtOnce Ltd ( will use Platform Data to read and respond to Facebook comments, Messenger messages, Instagram stories, mentions, comments, and reply to Instagram direct messages.

My business uses platform data to read and respond to messages. Using Facebook's APIs, our clients are able to read and respond to messages from directly within our app.

2. Our clients are e-commerce store owners who have their own businesses. They use our software on our website, (as a web application). They will have their own teams and customers (people who buy from their websites), and they use our helpdesk to manage Facebook and Instagram comments.

My business is a SAAS (software company) that is a helpdesk, which allows our clients to provide customer support to their users through our app.

Based on this, yes, our business is a tech provider, since we need to be able to access business data (reading and responding to Page posts, as well as Instagram posts) so that our clients (other business owners) can use our helpdesk to reply to their customers.

We have already been verified for your app review processes for multiple permissions that tech providers need. From your documentation, some of the providers that we need as a tech provider are pages_read_user_content, pages_read_engagement, instagram_basic, pages_manage_engagement, ads_management, ads_read, business_management and so forth.

Without this functionality, our clients (e-commerce business owners) would not be able to manage any of their Facebook or Instagram messages from within our app, so it is highly important that we maintain access to all of the above features and are verified as a tech provider.

Please let me know if you need any more information, and what information you need if any.

Thank you so much for your time.

3rd attempt (they gave the same 'more info' message):


  1. My business AtOnce Ltd ( is a customer service app that integrates with Facebook & Instagram.

We use Platform Data to allow our clients to answer customer support messages from directly within my app, providing an all-in-one inbox for Email, Facebook, and Instagram.

This includes reading and replying to:

- Facebook comments and direct messages (Messenger)

Our clients are e-commerce store owners. They use our app to provide customer service to their customers.

Our app lets them read and reply to customers who post on their Facebook/Instagram pages.

2. Our clients use our product by logging into our website. They can then read their messages in their dashboard, which receives messages from Facebook & Instagram webhooks.

They can read and respond to messages using Facebook's Send APIs and other Graph API endpoints respectively from directly inside our app, by typing a message and pressing 'Send'.

Only the necessary customer data is stored. Delete webhooks and user profiles are respected. Images are not stored server-side, as per Facebook's policies.

We have a legitimate need to access this business data in order to allow our clients to manage their replies inside our app, since this is the main function of our app. Without this functionality, most of our app would be useless.

Everything we're doing is in accordance with your policies. Thank you!

Could be my website not being detailed enough, but I've already gone through their entire app review process for every single permission, so I don't see what's going on

Many issues go away once you're a billionaire

will probably have a direct line to founder/ceo/managers of most companies so won't encounter issues


gotta figure it out n move on, build rest of self-service

14:05 PM

Holy shit

Getting distracted by e-commerce



5 trillion dollar industry rn

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