Day 315

Asim Akhtar,

19:16 PM

My deadlines are lies


ok lets see

- 1 day finishing off end part of last screen

Okay, so

Most of the stuff above that is 1 day should only take me a 1-2 hours let's be honest

So tops 3 days?

Must go full focus, full speed


Facebook Access Verification - some BS thing

If I don't get verified within 60 days, no one will be able to use Facebook within my app, which is basically everyone

I've sent it off but they're very vague about everything. Quite annoying.

When I get bigger this shouldn't be as much of an issue, just right now Facebook is such a nuisance.

All these review processes simply hinder development

Oh and also, fun thing

Facebook doesn't let me re-submit my business verification

So on February 2023, I'll have to somehow make a new account, new business manager etc

(This is against their terms of service, but their interface doesn't allow me to re-upload or re-submit)

And their customer service will no doubt give me some generic nonsense 'please try again, clear cache/cookies'

I googled the issue before. As per usual, someone's made a bug report on Facebook. Absolutely no response from Facebook team.

About 30-50 people saying the same thing. Same issue. No help from Facebook.

I will never make my companies this idiotic ffs

As we get bigger, rules will apply more to us though

But as we achieve our goals, we should be able to create our own rules (i.e. no arbitrary regulations)

But until then, we gotta deal with this BS and work around it

Okay, so

I could theoretically completely remove the need for Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp

But I doubt it, since facebook comments + facebook messenger etc

Brands use this too much

Yeah I could make them only use the live chat thing self service but not yet

Now's not the time for that

Anyway that's an issue for 6-7 months from now

Before then, the only issue is Facebook Access Verification, which will screw us over in 45 days.

I don't think there's any reasonable work-around other than maybe contacting some Facebook ad agencies or something

No doubt there'll be other issues with other apps, processor holds and so forth, but we'll deal with them as they come...

Yes, this is still easy

I'm just pressing buttons on a keyboard

Not grinding out 24/7 working at a coalmine

This is easy

I simply need to be quicker, move faster, do more in less time

If I did, then these issues would be non-issues because I could just pay someone to solve them

LEVERAGE is what I need

We'll get there soon enough

We need to make our app as good as possible while being moderately independent from any individual app

Future apps will be better

More money more leverage

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