Day 310

Asim Akhtar,

13:15 PM

We're back



Good enough

13:37 PM

There are a lot of edge cases here that I haven't sorted out yet

E.g. allowing merchants to shop on their website for the exchange credit instead of on my custom built thing

--> size charts -> will likely have to integrate with different apps...

--> conversion rate testing/getting 'branding' feel

--> full landing pages -> for more expensive products

Allowing merchants to shop on their own websites solves all of them, but I'll have to do that later

I want to get this launched as soon as possible, iterate and improve rapidly, then continue

I suspect most merchants will be fine with how it is for now, and 80/20 rule

Only super big brands will have an issue with sizing/conversion rate/custom landing pages here

then of course we have live chat... which will have to be launched later

and also full-stack self-service solution...

Seen a very good competitor do self-service well but not QUITE there yet in terms of the whole picture

But they are very good

Right now I have 'returns'

Refund/edit/cancel/duplicate/edit address is so easy, will take me few days


Also bought bunch more emails, got 4 domains x 3 emails warming up for cold emails

but will eventually have to build for woocommerce since 2-3x more woocommerce stores than shopify stores, not sure how many active but still

Anyway so cold email, a lot of complexities there, will sort out later

basically focus right now is building

- launch

havent even built stripe and bunch of other stuff yet

a lot to do

ETA 7 days????

15:32 PM

In my dream about the 'plague'

it was 3 flies

I may be overthinking it, but --> 3 diseases?

- monkeypox --> mutates --> becomes worse


It appears as if I have to hurry up with everything I'm doing

Let's try

17:02 PM

Zendesk is worth 7 billion nice

All the companies that use zendesk generally have shite support e.g. NHS, GOV.UK etc

they don't even use their own zendesk CRM to manage customer data hahahahhahahhaha

their buttons and inputs are all off center wtf

very nice

I literally have no competition

nvm 1-2 competitors. just saw 1 new one, pretty solid. will copy + improve on everything though keke

0 competition

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