Day 308

Asim Akhtar,

12:50 AM

I am ill today

was feeling tired end of yesterday

haven't been ill for a while

likely combination of things that I did wrong

sore throat, runny/blocked nose + sneezing

very tired

wont get much done today

trying to split it up, power naps etc

to no avail

current diet: 5 shakes of huel V3 (400 calories x 5) + chicken breast

ye could be better i know i know, was gonna fix it after I launched and had more money

current bank balance is 10k or smth

but should be multi millionaire this year inshallah

so shouldnt be a problem soon after


will try wim hof method

if it doesn't work as well as it could, then will try placebo

if that doesnt work, will sleep n call it a day

30% productivity today, 50% productivity tomorrow, 70% prod, 100% prod

total is 2.5


0% prod, 70% prod, 100% prod, 100% prod

total is 2.7

may go for latter option

I had a dream that a (local - specific to my life circumstances) plague was coming 2 days ago

perhaps this is it

idfk will try hof/placebo now

14:49 PM

hof/placebo worked for an hour ish

Also, 'Polio virus detected in London sweage samples'... 'UK public health officials declare national incident over poliovirus'

Looks like my dream was right

I wasn't right about it being local though

Maybe it's me interpreting the world to fit my dreams

Maybe the two are linked

I don't believe I have the polio symptoms though, so it could be completely unrelated.

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