Day 307

Asim Akhtar,

15:19 PM

Pricing model:

$1mil revenue 19% is returns $190,000 is returns I save 40-70%?? of that $100k My price is therefore $10k/mo

AOV is $100

they get 10,000 orders per month

So, if I charge $0.19 per order ($1900 per month) [HELPDESK] ----> ONLY IF I make them $19k per month or above... which I believe I do in TIME savings

Let's see, 10,000 orders per month. 10% emails. x2+ for social comments. Plus waaaayy more for livechat, but not accounting for that yet. 2000 messages per month.

2000 messages per month. Assume each message takes 10mins to send by standard agent (its somehow more, like 10mins to 2 hours).

2000 * 10/60 = 330 hours average salary that's $3300 per month spent on employees

No that's too expensive ffs

fuck it will figure out later

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