Day 304

Asim Akhtar,

11:44 AM

Focusing on my own work

Was helping friends setup SMS agency few days ago

But they need to help themselves. Can't do everything for them

If they can't do the upfront work and testing to GET clients, then there's no chance they'll do the work for the clients

So, ghosting for week ish while I build this.

As a general rule, I can give guidance that takes me 2mins to think of...

But anything else is wasting my time

People need to learn

I can literally give you all the tactics and methods and cheat codes, but you'll never use them

Quite annoying to be fair, since other people who are more hungry would use them almost immediately

Right now I'm just taking my own advice, which works out better.

I know a lot of what I'm doing wrong, what needs to be better, AND

I actually do it when I figure it out.

But when giving advice, you have to convince someone, give them endless justifications, and even then they do nothing.

So the main goal is to help myself 100%, figure out how to automate things + market better

Then I don't even need to help people 1-on-1, can just help the entire world at once.

Seems like most efficient solution. Helping yourself is the least selfish thing I can do right now.

Gets me to goals quicker. Goals get me to helping others quicker.

Idk, but that's what I'm doing now


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