Day 3

Asim Akhtar,

19:34 PM:

Bought some medical tape for mouth, blue light glasses (yellow filter).

Will see what they do with regards to improving sleep. Might have some placebo effect, but if I do then either way that's a good thing.

Button's almost working for integrating gmail, request works in CURL but doesn't seem to work in axios - will have to read docs to see if I'm doing it right etc.

May have to install something else to be able to post requests for access token for gmail.

Was at other house for a few hours painting.

Once I get the gmail integration done I'll have to figure out IMAP/SMTP perhaps, but atm I just gonna get fully working with gmail before adding more stuff and features etc.

Make working model -> refine working model -> launch -> refine working model from customer feedback -> build better product

Apparently I only spent 1h36m on Google Chrome today, which is odd - thought I was on it longer. Hmm.

Fair enough, explains why I didn't get too much done - even though this is a tiny incremental achievement.

One day I'll be able to do this kinda thing with ease, but for now it is what it is.

Spent 16mins on YouTube (3mins skimming through interview and 13mins figuring out the curl request access token thing) Spent 10mins on Facebook (2-3 mins browsing around, 1min customer message, 6 ish mins looking at ads). Spent 9mins checking in with Freelancer for the other app I'm making (ad analytics tracking since Facebook's ad attribution is terrible after iOS update) - seems like he's making decent progress.

Apparently he'll be done with phase 1 of the app and have a functional thing.

Will probably get the code off him as soon as he's done with phase 1 and let him make it look nice etc in phase 2 and add a few updates.

If he's too slow, then at least I'll have phase 1 code and will be able to code it myself instead of waiting around for him to add features.

Overall good day.

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