Day 294

Asim Akhtar,

17:35 PM

Some of this stuff isn't fun at all

But alas, it must be done

must gamify it to make it more fun

need to level up

21:34 PM

Have one temporary issue with the Shopify API

Pissing me off since it works perfectly in the test thing but gives me an error when I do it in my app


If that doesn't work I may have to go through app review to get permission to use the API, which will delay launch

Everything else I can do with create edit refund duplicate for self service (although I haven't done that yet)

Just this tiny one 'create checkout' so the user can pay

Ideally I want that instead of them having to receive an invoice in their email etc

More clicks = more delays

Also a little tired today, partially because of the temporary issue

Will probably fix and figure it out tomorrow in a few minutes or few hours

All else is just development time, taking time to make sure everything makes sense, catch all the edge cases and stuff

E.g. some stores won't accept returns

They're really simple but still takes time to write everything out

Idk just not feeling it

But as I type those words out

I realize

That I create the neuro feedback loop

Feelings are a choice

I must simply play the game, pass the obstacle, level up, speed up, move on, and unlock new quests

We've done it before

We'll do it again

No time for complacency or weakness

We have things to build

The grand mission is at stake

I will not stumble over a tiny obstacle

This is what my competition does

Hire incompetence, breed complacency

We must never become like them

1 Vs 100

I will win

I must win.

There is no room for error. No room for self doubt

No room for fear

Only room for victory

Because I will not lose the war

And the battle is won or lost in the mind

Failure was never an option

We were playing a much bigger game

All failure is simply a lesson

And lessons make you stronger, smarter, quicker

They don't want to learn them? Good.

We'll outcompete them.

We'll do the things they don't want to do.

That is how we win.

By staying on the path.

The straight path. To victory.

This is the game I want to play

And I refuse to lose the vision

All obstacles are temporary

I will not lose the war

Seconds of weakness pale in comparison to lifetimes of strength

Keep moving forward

Onward, we go

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