Day 284

Asim Akhtar,

11:07 AM


4/7 of way there with self service

If you have a software that generates wealth for people

I.e. you make people 10% additional revenue

And you charge 1%

All you need to do is sell that software 100 times to have the same revenue as the average company.

100 x 1% = 100% = 1 company

Now, you sell that 10,000 times.

And you're essentially running 100 companies.

This is how Amazon works, and how Stripe works.

They take a tiny % conversion fee.

But it adds up, since they have millions of merchants.

Software > e-commerce because of this

Since I can make 10 softwares.

10 softwares x 1% x 100 = 10 companies

Now you get 10,000 people using each software (each feeds into itself via a feedback loop)

E.g. people that have a lot of customer support enquiries (1)

Will have a lot of subscriptions (2)

And also a lot of SMS messages (3)

And so forth

The goal is to become as integrated as possible with the entire customer journey for every single business

Only up to about $1 trillion ish

After that I've got bigger things to do

Could probably do it only up to $200billion, but by the time they're at $100 billion they'll be growing by themselves so should be fine

Anyway, so, the key is to make the software as

- scalable

as possible

10,000 stores * 3 softwares * 1% = 300 e-commerce stores

Assuming each brand I have does 10m/yr, that's 3b/yr no problem

But we're gonna diversify etc

Back to work

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