Day 279

Asim Akhtar,

18:32 PM

Spent a large portion of the day fixing up bulk replies


I don't even think I need bulk replies

Honestly the goal is to replace 'bulk replies' with self-service and AI

If we're able to bulk it, we're able to AI it.

Will not fall prey to the cost sunk fallacy just because I spent a long while doing something

20:17 PM

I shouldn't have made the bulk reply thing in the first place

Should do things in order of thinking

So you think of best solution

Then spend as little time as possible creating it


Helpdesk basically done apart from mobile view

Going to move onto self service tomorrow

Once self service is done, I'll do the guide/setup process

Then landing page stripe integration etc

Then live chat??

Or launch and then live chat?


I'll do self service first then see

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