Day 278

Asim Akhtar,

16:49 PM

Will test setting harder deadlines (i.e. 30 mins, 1 hour etc)

21:03 PM

I'm moving way slower than I could be

I have to set micro deadlines. If I don't meet those micro deadlines,

My competitor gains around 100 customers a week. That's 14 per day.

Each customer is probably worth 10,000 to me. Some more, some less.

But let's just say 10000.

Now assume I have 10 competitors.

Each day I delay, I lose 100,000.

Each hour I delay, I lose 4000

Each day I lose 100,000

I can work with that

Each day I lose 100,000 Each day I lose 100 thousand Each day I lose one hundred thousand pounds

Each day my competitors steal one hundred thousand from me that I'm probably never going to get back

I can get it back if I'm quick

But chances are that's gone

Each day I act, I'm able to keep that 100,000 Each day I delay, I lose 100,000

Now we get the real numbers.

That's probably just for e-commerce

If I expand niches, the delay loss is greater And the speed gain is also greater

So Do you want to lose 100,000 per day? Per day

3 million a month 700,000 per week

Real consequences here

Yes, I can offset the consequences

Yes, more money won't help me build future SAAS companies at a certain point

But for now

In my head

Each day I delay, I lose one hundred thousand pounds

Not to mention the exponential gains you lose

I remember when my competitors only had 6000 customers

Now they have 9300



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