Day 270

Asim Akhtar,

18:09 PM

this is ridiculous how are we even alive

we're just a bunch of monkeys what's going on here

you're literally a chimpanzee using technology to build future technology

...which you won't even comprehend in 1000 years time

we were literally building pyramids using blocks only 5000 years ago

now we're moving to building virtual blocks on screens

while sending rockets to space every few weeks

you don't understand

your timeline and monkey brain is so small

you can compress the timeline with a few split decisions

and we can end it all with 1 bad decision

the odds of you being alive are 0

and yet you complain about this and that as if it matters

you think you cant do X and Y when it's been done before and it'll be done 1000 times again

you repeat the same patterns and loop as your past self, expecting different outcomes

soon we're gonna level up our monkey brains and you'll realize how dumb you were

and then a year later you'll realize how dumb you were a year ago

and on and on it goes

so question is

what do I do given that I can do anything

aim high. then aim higher than before. then aim higher

because I can

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