Day 243

Asim Akhtar,

10:49 AM

To do:

Adding subscription webhooks + subscription buttons

Then will add product webhooks

Might need inventory webhooks, not sure

Then will sort out preloading of Shopify data to remove 400ms delay or whatever it is

Then will do bulk query for each of those

cant do subscriptions apparently since we don't 'own' the subscription

would need to integrate to every single subscription app to do that

Will do that in the future after production

19:13 PM

- product webhooks done

still gotta do bulk queries + product message search [make it faster]

19:50 PM

Will do product message search tomorrow and bulk queries tomorrow

That shouldn't take too long.

After that, our Shopify integration will be done [apart from subscriptions, which can be done in the future].

Then we move onto Facebook & Instagram webhooks etc.

The instant loading is actually pretty nice tbh.

Click -> load. No waiting.

Unless the customer isn't found, which is fair enough.

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